Library Guide

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1, Using library materials

Please feel free to read any books, newspapers, magazines and other library materials on open shelves. You can search for the materials you require on a user terminal. Library staff are happy to assist you in using the library. If the material you need is in closed stacks, please ask at the counter.

2, Library card

Anybody living, working or studying in Miyagi prefecture can apply for a user card. Please fill in the necessary information of the application form and present an identification document to verify your name, current address and date of birth (e.g. driver’s license, health insurance card, student identification card).

3, Borrowing and returning

You can borrow up to five books and five audio-visual materials for 15 days. When you want to borrow library materials, please bring your library card.
Please return library materials to the counter you borrowed them. When the library is closed, you can put books in the drop box. Please note NOT to put audio-visual materials, large picture books nor books borrowed from other libraries in it.

4, Reference service

Please do not hesitate to ask reference service. Reference desk is on the third floor. You can also ask us via email, telephone, FAX or letter.

5, Photoduplication service

We provides a photoduplication service within the limits of the Japanese Copyright Law. Please ask at the counter. Photocopy fee is JPY 10 per paper (Black/White).

6, Services for persons with disabilities

We have recorded books, and provide reading-aloud service. We also have subtitled videos. We provide mail delivery service without fee for persons with disabilities who cannot visit to the library.

7, Inter-library loan

You can order the books stored in Miyagi Prefectural Library via public libraries in Miyagi prefecture. For more detail, please ask city/town library.

Miyagi Prefectural Library

1-1-1, Murasakiyama, Izumi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 981-3205 JAPAN

TEL : 022-377-8441